This plaque located at James Jerome Field honours all those in Sudbury who have contributed to football.

To recognize Constable Joe MacDonald’s contribution to the community, this league will provide for the development of football skills in youth 8 to 14 years of age.


  1. To provide the City of Greater Sudbury youth with an opportunity to play football.
  2. To establish conditions conducive to the safety and enjoyment of the participants.
  3. To improve the caliber of the game of football by developing players, coaches, officials, trainers and administrators.
  4. To achieve high standards of moral development and citizenship through participation in amateur football.
  5. To obtain sufficient funds for the successful operation of the football league.
  6. To promote and increase the participation in the game of football in the City of Greater Sudbury.

Joe MacDonald Youth Football Scholarship

Constable Joe MacDonald

We are pleased to announce the new Joe MacDonald Youth Football Scholarship to past players, officials, coaches and volunteers of the league. The goal of the scholarships which will be awarded annually, is to financially assist individuals who are pursuing post secondary education, with special consideration given to those individuals that are participating in both football and scholastics. 

Those applying for the scholarship must provide a 500 word essay discussing how their involvement in the Joe MacDonald Youth Football League has affected their life. In addition, applicants must provide proof of enrollment in a post secondary institution.  Individual recipients will only be allowed to receive the scholarship once.  Every year, up to $5000.00 will be made available for consideration to those who apply for the scholarships.  The deadline to submit your application this year will be August 1st. Please mail your application to Darlene Lennox , Registrar, 1508 Stillbrook Place, Sudbury, Ontario P3A 5J8.

Successful applicants should provide evidence of:

  1. Their experience playing in the Joe MacDonald Youth Football League
  2. Their experience playing football beyond JMYFL, at the high school or other level.
  3. Participation in the football community as a coach, official or volunteer.
  4. The ideals and principles JMYFL wishes to instill in all it’s members.


Blog Posts

Training Camp

Good Morning JMYFL Parents and players, Training Camp is for Tyke and Bantam divisions only. You are invited to our Joe MacDonald Youth...
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Click here for our schedule

Training camp will be August 15, 16, 17

Practices starting on August 21.

First game will be September 4.

Week 1 – Sept 4

  • 9am – Colts vs Pirates
  • 11am – Mustangs vs Raiders
  • 12pm – mini macs grass field
  • 1pm – Storm vs Demons
  • 3pm – Hurricanes vs Blue Devils

Week 2 – Sept 9

  • 9am – Demons vs Colts
  • 11am – Blue Devils vs Mustangs
  • 12pm – mini macs grass field
  • 1pm – Pirates vs Storm
  • 3pm – Raiders vs Hurricanes

Week 3 – Sept 16

  • 9am – Demons vs Pirates
  • 11am – Blue Devils vs Raiders
  • 12pm – mini Mac grass field
  • 1pm – Storm vs Colts
  • 3pm – Hurricanes vs Mustangs

Week 4 – Sept 23

  • 9am – Demons vs Storm
  • 11am – Blue Devils vs Hurricanes
  • 12pm – mini macs grass field
  • 1pm – Pirates vs Colts
  • 3pm – Raiders vs Mustangs

Week 5 – Sept 30

  • 9am – Storm vs Pirates
  • 11am – Mustangs vs Blue Devils
  • 12pm – mini macs grass field
  • 1pm – Colts vs Demons
  • 3pm – Hurricanes vs Raiders

Week 6 – Oct 9

  • 9am – Colts vs Storm
  • 11am – Mustangs vs Hurricanes
  • 1pm – mini macs turf
  • 3pm – Pirates vs Demons
  • 5pm – Raiders vs Blue Devils

Week 7 – Oct 14

  • 9am – Tyke 3rd vs 2nd
  • 11am – Bantam 3rd vs 2nd
  • 1pm – mini macs turf
  • 3pm – Tyke 4th vs 1st
  • 5pm – Bantam 4th vs 1st

Week 8 – Oct 21

  • 10am – Tyke B championship 
  • 12pm – Bantam B championship
  • 2pm – mini macs turf
  • 4pm – Tyke A championship
  • 6pm – Bantam A championship 

Registration for Tackle Football Autumn 2017 is now open.