To recognize Joe MacDonald’s contribution to the community, this league will provide for the development of football skills in youth 8 to 14 years of age.


  1. To provide the City of Greater Sudbury youth with an opportunity to play football.
  2. To establish conditions conducive to the safety and enjoyment of the participants.
  3. To improve the caliber of the game of football by developing players, coaches, officials, trainers and administrators.
  4. To achieve high standards of moral development and citizenship through participation in amateur football.
  5. To obtain sufficient funds for the successful operation of the football league.
  6. To promote and increase the participation in the game of football in the City of Greater Sudbury.

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EARLY BIRD PRICING ENDS May 31st at midnight. Rates then go up by $50.00, and then an additional $50.00 after June 15th. Save...
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Training Skills Camp Week begins Tuesday August 16th.